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  • Treeof life educational program

    I am wondering if this program is Davita widw. Here are my concerns with how it is handled...

    Our first name and last initial are posted on the bulliton (sp?) board for all to see our progress. They did this same thing with thrir holy bones program. My numbers are OK but others are pretty bad and down right embarrassing. We were never asked if they could display these for all to view parts of our medical records. We were never assigned a number to protect olur identity or our medical records.

    I made a comment about it with yhe holy bones program and was told we all were asked and agreed to it. NOT SO, IT DID NOT HAPPEN. The tree of life program was not even discussed with us until it was posted and we got our first leaves.

    My question is this... How can they legally do this? We are constantly given papers to sign to protect Davita from liabilities, yet there is no protection for us and our medical records. I really feel for those who are struggling with their diets and all can see how bad their numbers are and their identity. It seems Davita would find a better way and be more encouraging to induce improvement instead of this negative way they are going about it.

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    Hi AliveNfighting,
    Tree of Life is not a nationwide DaVita program. Many times local dialysis centers create/engage in such programs to help motivate patients and focus on the importance of different lab values for health. However, participation should be based on each patient's agreement and the identity should be protected. Please see private message requesting more info.


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      Hello Sara,
      I never received a private message.