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How do I interpret these results?

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  • How do I interpret these results?

    Just under two years ago, I had a shock when I found that I had reduced kidney function. Now, I have had 4 blood tests in total. Here are the results, based on the MDRD formula:

    13/5/11 GFR: 58
    15/6/11 GFR: 61
    14/12/11 GFR: 60
    31/1/13 GFR: 57

    The recent test result of 57 was most depressing, since it is my lowest one yet. But now I have a bunch of questions that I would really like to find the answers on.

    1. How much do GFR results vary from test to test, due to different hydration levels etc? i.e. do my results suggest I have declining kidney function since one year ago it was 60 and now its 57? How much have your results varied?

    2. Does my height and weight make any difference to interpreting the GFR from the lab and therefore staging? I ask for several reasons. Firstly, the MDRD formula does not consider height or weight into the equation. They refer to 1.73m^2, which relates to the body surface area. But since I am 6'2" and 186lbs, I am wondering if that will alter things. My body surface area is estimated at 2.13. Secondly, they suggest that increased muscle mass will alter the GFR. But do they mean the volume of muscle mass or the relative volume? I mean I am taller that most so will have more muscle volume. But, my proportion of muscle to fat may be similar to someone smaller. Anyone know which way they mean, relative or absolute?

    I look forward to any answers.


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    eGFR is an estimate based on age, gender, serum createnine and ethnicity. My eGFR was 27 3 months ago but Monday it was 33 as my createnine dropped. Good to keep track of it