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    "30% Phosphorus" in your product is based on the USRDA of needing 1000 mg per day, so the 30% is providing 300 mg per serving.

    PS - calcium is also 1000 mg RDA, so if you see 10% calcium on something, it's providing 100 mg.

    Right now, the US Food Labeling is under review, and we are encouraging our DaVita Dietitians and patients to ask that phosphorus be added to the label to help ALL of us know better what is in a product.

    Here's more info on labeling changes:

    The FDA is proposing food label changes that include the addition of potassium and calcium. They do not currently include phosphorus, a mineral that dialysis patients struggle to control. The 90-day comment period is open until May 28. Anyone can support the addition of potassium, calcium and request that phosphorus be added - hopefully together we can make a positive impact.

    Submit comments at Search for “Nutrition Facts.” Click article “Proposed Changes to the Nutrition Facts Label,” then “Comment Now.”
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      I never found out what the phosphorus level was in the Meijer Whey Protein drink but I tried a scoop in a 8 ounce glass of water. Holy cow was it nasty. I dumped it down the drain. I'll try it dry sprinkled over something next. If it's not any better I'll give it to the kids.

      PS. Maria, I went to the FDA site and suggested phosphorus amounts on food labels too.