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question for someone who has had potassium problem/and adrenal issues

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  • question for someone who has had potassium problem/and adrenal issues

    hello, I have a question hoping someone may have or know someone who has had this issue to give me some input- I have discovered I have serious issues with my adrenal glands and many of the hormone issues ive suffered from my whole life are souly because of my adrenal glands along with b/p issue at times and potassium-yrs ago I never new anything about ckd dr asked me to come back and have more bloodwork done because my potassium was high but then it was fine-I didnt even no what potassium was and went about my life that was 11 yrs ago -now sinse aug. being diagnosed have put many things together -my ureters are scarred up severe on right side and adrenal gland too on right -well for about 1 1/2 yrs before 8/10 I had tremmors like nerve damage or nerve prob on my right side and only right side that progressively got worse to the point it would wake me up at night and started spreading to face on right side around mouth-it is scary it happens at the worst at night tho it is faintly present during the day never put it together everytime I mentioned to a dr. they would try and give me antidepressants{that I never took thankgod} recently even had a brain scan from my gp{now old gp} that showed nothing- I had been taking a digestive enzyme that helped the tremmors I rarely ever had a 1 but I was a little uncomfortable {fearful} of affecting my kidney so I stopped taking it but the tremmors started again witha vegenance- well learned that potassium is made up on the right side of body and sodium is on the left -started taking lisinopril in sept. which bothers me alot because it is a b/p med that increases potassium-last week I had potass. at a 5 -3 days later it was 3.2 -I am having a diffuclty time trying to figure out a safe amount of potassium day to day-I never have gone over 1,000 typically about 600 daily but the tremmors are back so heavy makes me wonder if its because im too low in potassium or too high in potassium either way I am positive its due to potassium-I did call neph and ask them if instead of every 3 months checkin my blood if they could do it once a month they said they would get back to me but honestly I feel it should be checked weekly -potassium is a huge fear of mine and im sick of being made to feel like im a hypochondriact or stupid that I can just wait-I just want to feel safe-anyone else have this issue??
    ckd,stage3,due to birth defect/refulx,controlled b/p