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Gout and Allopurinol tablets

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  • Gout and Allopurinol tablets

    Hi everyone

    Any one got any advice.

    I have started having gout caused by the high uic acid in my blood. After two bouts in two months my doctor put me on a low dose of Allopurinol (100mg) to be increased after 6 weeks if my kidney function was not affected and i had no other side efffects.

    Unfortunately i had side effects, i had a rash all over, a high fever sickness and it also looks like it has reduced my white blood count and my platelet count. I have been in hospital for a couple of days and i am now on steroids, anti histimine, anti sickness medications as well as my usual ones.

    My gfr has dropped in a week from 27 to 20, Has anyone else experienced this and will it go back up. And does anyone know how long it could take my white blood count and my platelet to go back to normal

    My doctors are not convinced that the blood problems are from the Allopurinol and have sent my blood for futher tests but I won't get those back for 4 weeks.

    CKD Stage 4 with protein

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    I took Allopurinol and had a bad reaction from it; swelling of the throat, dizziness, had to breathe, etc. I stopped taking them right away and the doctor put me on Uloric, which seems to be working without any side effects. You might ask your doctor about this medication to see if it would help. I have found that if you keep your health up and keep on the correct diet, you can bring your numbers back up, I raised mine up 7 points over a year. My doctor said that will be the highest I can go but I'm happy with that.


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      I have been on Allopurinol for about 7 years and I am not aware that it could affect my kidney functioning. I am currently in Stage IV kidney failure, but I feel great and do not have any symptoms. I have a nephrologist who is monitoring my medications (heart meds) for 4 weeks and then will let me know what the next steps are. My urine test just came back negative and the doctor gave me a complete physical and said I am healthy. I am very confused as to how to approach this with diet and everything else, because I also have IBS.