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  • urinalysis results

    been having foamy urine persistently for a couple weeks now. had some transient pains in my flank, lost a lot of weight in the last 2 years due to stress/malnutrition. basically i've been through a veritable personal and physical hell, that has bordered on starvation. was concerned about having damaged my kidneys.

    went to a free kidney screening today and they did a "Siemens diagnostics Multistix PRO 10LS" test on my urine.

    results were:

    -negative for pyuria (white blood cells)
    -negative for hematuria (red blood cells)
    - microalbuminuria (protein in urine) 10 mg/L
    - specific gravity 1.010
    - pH 8.0 (i eat a near vegetarian diet, so that probably explains the pH)
    - albumin protein to creatnine ratio: less than 30 mg/g (best possible)

    so the results were 100% fine according to them. so my questions are:

    1. is this a quality test? like is this thing really worthwhile or is there a huge margin of error here? is a blood test vastly more worthwhile? they didn't do a serum creatnine of my blood, for example.

    2. any idea what can explain the persistent, daily foamy urine? is it possible maybe it is cardiac related like maybe i got a DVT somewhere? i had some sharp pains where my right lung is... maybe something else is off?

    read a lot about kidney disease and have actually changed my diet to lower phosphate intake. wish you all the best & appreciate any feedback in advance.



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    Re: urinalysis results

    guess i answered my own question partially...

    according to this data, which did 881 tests it seems like the multistix is a pretty reasonable screening test for protein. if anyone else has additional thoughts, thx in advance.


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      Re: urinalysis results

      Hi Taloots,

      Urinalysis is a pretty standard test and the numbers are usually quite reliable too.

      But just to reaffirm the findings, your doctors can/may order a 24 hr urine collection and perhaps a serum creatinine check. Though, in all likelihood, these fore mentioned tests would comeup to be normal (seeing your indicated urinanalysis values! )

      Take care.


      PS: Normally there is a plus/minus 5% error margin for the reported values.


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        Re: urinalysis results

        thx sam. i guess i am still mystified as to why i am seeing bubbles/foamy in my urine, particularly in large amounts in the AM upon waking. it is bizarre.

        guess i will go to the doc and get a full work up when my insurance comes in.

        appreciate your feedback.


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          Re: urinalysis results

          I understand your confusion. I know that bubbles or foam usually means there's protein in the urine. But my tests are consistently negative for protein. Go figure !!