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lab results are back....

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  • lab results are back....

    I just got some lab results back from bloodwork I did on the 9th and things are at the worst it's ever been for me

    My GFR is now at 10. I was hovering in the 13 - 15 range for a while and my creatinine is 453! The weird thing is I feel fine. No real symptoms or signs of anything?? I'm surprised my doctor hasn't called me yet (hopefully tomorrow).

    I was told last month that I would probably have about 3 months left before I would need dialysis at the rate I was declining but now I wonder if that will be sooner seeing as the drop in my numbers seems a bit drastic. Is it possible to not feel anything even though my kidneys are essentially shutting down? Everything seems the same: energy level, appetite, sleep, etc.

    I have unfortunately caught a cold.... I know my immune system isn't the greatest so I hope I can fight this and deal with everything else.

    *Systemic Lupus Erythematosus 1995
    *CKD Stage 2 - Lupus Nephritis 2003
    *Peritoneal dialysis April 2010
    *Transplant December 15, 2010 (sister was my donor!)

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    Re: lab results are back....


    So sorry things are going so quickly.

    Have you decided on a dialysis method yet?

    I would advise you to contact your doc to talk about scheduling for either fistula surgery or catheter (depending on PD or hemo).

    I know you are going through a lot, but both of those surgeries take a while to heal (fistula longer), and they need to be done asap so you won't need an emergency catheter...

    Has your doc already talked to you about this? I got my catheter in January, and started PD in March. I wanted to have it in "just in case."

    Good luck, Gav. You can do this. You just don't know it yet.

    Be well.
    Diagnosed Stage 2 CKD (lupus) 1985
    PD March 2009-present
    On Transplant List
    Husband is a match (undecided about that for now)


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      Re: lab results are back....

      I agree with annie - the time to look into what type of dialysis would be best for you, is now.
      I started dialysis when my creatinine was 5.8 because I didn't want to wait until I felt really sick before starting. Many people wait longer - it's a personal choice. I know of one person who waited with a creatinine of 8 because she still felt ok.
      I don't know what your creatinine level is now (can't convert it into US measurement) but a GFR under 15 is usually another indication that dialysis will be needed soon.

      I was much more freaked out about the thought of doing dialysis than when I actually started PD. The anticipation just made me anxious. Once I got going because I did it on a cycler at night, it really didn't intrude upon my life at all.

      Don't worry, it will all work out.