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    Re: Creatinine fluctuation

    Originally posted by dandoon View Post
    Hi all,

    This is my first post and I've had CKD for several years now due to SLE (lupus nephritis) -- I'm 21. I was recently hospitalized because my creatinine level went as high as 9.6 due to non compliance). After receiving pulse steroids and Endoxan, it has now come down to 7.6.
    However, it still puts me at stage 5 and they've fitted me with an AV fistula in prep for dialysis in the future. At this point I do not need it yet because I am mostly asymptomatic.

    I am really confused as to how such a large fluctuation can happen when CKD is progressive. The biopsy I did 10 days ago showed that 65% of kidney tissue is sclerosed.

    By loading me with powerful drugs to control my autoimmune condition, is my nephrologist delaying the inevitable -- i.e. dialysis then a kidney transplant? Or can ESRD be prevented? I am not freaking out, just want to be clear on things.

    Thank you so much.
    Sorry but by that stage ... I would think that dialysis and kidney transplant is inevitable but that the Nephrologist is keeping your kidneys working as long as possible because nothing is as good as working kidneys until you are symptomatic and then dialysis is needed.

    I, however, am not medical staff but speaking from thigns I learned as I go along with my own kidney disease. However, everyone's situation is different. I do not have SLE but I know someone who does. Karen on this site does: and her husband Guy runs the site.
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