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NEED an education guess please

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  • NEED an education guess please

    I am new and just love this forum. Great way to find answers to many questions.
    I have a question so please help, I'll keep it short.

    My Dr. says I have stage 3 (47) CKD All my blood work every few months has always comes back perfect until this last few months. BUT I also in the last three months I began a new gout drug called Uloric. I have been told their is no connection. (by two Drs.)
    Problem is this is a very new drug. Just came on the market in Feb.
    I did my own research and found 1 percent of patients in the studies had blood and protein in their urine.
    That is just what I have. What to do What to do? It works like magic on my uric acid levels when nothing else did.
    So is their hope I don't have CKD?

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    Re: NEED an education guess please

    Hi adpadp. I really don't know the answer to your question but I would think there is hope that you do not have CKD. You might check into a 2nd opinion and take your research to the doc with you for them to look at in case they are not familiar with it.

    Best wishes to you.
    "Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass...
    It's about learning to dance in the rain. "


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      Re: NEED an education guess please

      Welcome I,m a newbee here as well and still learning as fast as I can . My neph told me I have gout and I had a bout of gout when I was 19 and I 'm 65 now. I never thought I had gout as I had any more bouts of gout but my neph says differant. I,m at stage 4 and on a low purine diet as well as limetded protien at 60GM and sodium at 2000gm . He does not want any other element restrictions at this time. I do need to lose weight but no more than 4 pounds in 4 months . My GFR is 26 now up one point from a month ago hope it holds , I do not take gout medicine but test positive for gouty arthritus. , I did some reading on a medical web site and gout untreated can lead to CKCK but takes a looooong time
      Diabetic oct 2011
      CKD Diagnosed 2009
      GFR range 22-33 goes up and down


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        My husband took Indocine for gout for years and it certainly didn't help his kidney (he had only one). But gout can be controlled by diet and fluid intake. Are you sure you need a drug? When my husband's kidney was failing finally, he got gout from the dehydration and was able to safely take Colchicine. He takes it only a couple of days until he starts to get diarrhea. It is not as effective as the newer drugs but it seems to be safer.

        Do some research about how purines in diet cause gout and which foods have them. I can't tell you offhand all. I do remember that beer was terrible. I think potatoes have purine too? If you can't find a list, reply and I'll try to send a list. Try Googling gout purines diet. Water intake is very important. He often had gout attacks when he had to restrict fluids prior to some medical test.

        I'm sure you know to be careful about antibiotics too. Despite telling one ER dr about his condition, he prescribed a double dose of an antibiotics known to destroy your kidneys! Our internist at the time went through the roof. We no longer go to the local hospital because of their incompetency. Also I'm sure you know now to go on the Atkins type diets. We did that, out of sheer ignorance...All that protein!! DUH.

        A diet of fruits and vegetables is really good at your stage. I just talked to a new patient of our nephrologist who has a failing kidney and that is what he told her to eat. Take a look at Dr Fuhrman's book Eat for Health and you will learn about nutritional density. You can get sufficient protein and enough fiber and vitamins.