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  • Ready to Go Food Options?

    It would be really cool to have a ckd friendly fast option meal replacement. I was looking at the drink Soylent. Does anyone know if the product is suitable for ckd patients? Any other options out there?

  • #2 in soylent you oknow what that is???? Bodies...human bodies.gross.


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      I was unfamiliar with this product until your post and today's news. There is a news post today in about the Soylent food bar line being suspended due to consumer complaints of gi symptoms after consumption.
      If you are working with a dietitian ask them for a recommendation on the best bar or liquid supplement for your individual needs.

      Some bars that are kidney-friendly due to acceptable phosphorus and potassium content include Zone bars, PowerCrunch, Special K bars. There are many others. The best choices do not contain phosphate additives and are not too high in potassium for those limiting this mineral.You can check the company websites to see the ingredients and nutrition information.