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Concerned About Relationship Between PD Dialysis Patient and Visiting Dialysis Nurse

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  • Concerned About Relationship Between PD Dialysis Patient and Visiting Dialysis Nurse

    My partner was diagnosed with Stage 5 renal failure and began PD in late April 2017. He seems to have developed a very close relationship with his dialysis nurse. As I'm new to being a caregiver to a dialysis patient, is it normal for a dialysis nurse to spend the night at the patient's house? They have breakfast together & coffee together and they text each other. I know my partner is very vulnerable right now emotionally and physically and I want to understand the duties of the dialysis nurse and to know what constitutes appropriate professional behavior between the patient and the nurse in this type of situation. Please help me understand as I'm concerned for his emotional well being.

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    When I trained for my dialysis no one said I needed a nurse to spend the night. I was to learn and attach myself to the machine on my own. Perhaps you can be trained and help instead of a nurse!


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      Thank you for your response. I will see what I need to do to be trained. My partner like yourself learned and attached himself to the machine but the nurse staying overnight is something that has developed in the last month. My partner is still able to work full time and take care of himself so I am unsure what the nurse's role would be. I work out of town most weeks but I'm home on the weekends. However, my partner's 35 year old son lives with us and is there to assist him at night if he needs anything after my partner hooks himself up on the machine for the night.


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        Hi FridaysChild17, thank you for reaching out here. If you have any questions regarding a local DaVita center or care team, you can always reach out to the DaVita Guest Services team by calling 1-800-400-8331 or emailing