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I want to see my full lab work

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  • I want to see my full lab work

    Hello. I am used to seeing the full printout of my labs and not just the cutsie version where you show the 4 values that you deem important. I want to see my CBC, and all the other lab values as well. Can't you just put it on my profile as an attachment or something? I know a lot of folks you serve are old and don't know or care about all the other stuff but I do.

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    Hahaha. But I feel you! I had/demanded my dietitian to print out the full report. You as a patient have all the right to ask for your labs. It says so in your patient legal rights form you sign when starting dialysis for the 1st time. Any kind of test/exam done to you,you have the right to have a copy of those tests. But yes! That "cutesy" way is annoying. Like any of us are really dumb?! Just take time to explain the importance,if we decide not to listen,its Our problem,health,own grave.😌😊