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  • Export Data to Excel

    Is there a way to export food tracker detail data to Excel so I can provide it to my Nephrologist? I use an iPad but will gladly buy a computer if that is what it takes to retrieve this data. My other choice is t,share my log in information,but I don't prefer this alternative.

    Anyone know if this can be done?

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    You could creat an area for a food tracker in your NOTES or open a new folder an give it your own title. You would then have the options to view, print or share. You would at least have the choice of allowing your (medical care team) review or email it to your (nephrologist). I believe I just might have given out a pretty good idea for others as well, at least I hope so.


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      There are 2 reports available in Diet Helper but you must use a computer to access these. From the Dashboard look for the Tracker Food Report and Nutrition Goals Report. There is also a 7 day summary that provided the daily total of nutrients in the foods you have planned. You can access from the Planner & Tracker page.