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Hubby woke up confused and needing to vent

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    Re: Hubby woke up confused and needing to vent

    Just to give another update. Hubby is walking using a walker now. Dialysis is now starting to make him feel better. Not so wrung out after dialysis, but still tired. He was able to walk up 3 steps with the help of physio. There is talk of him going home today, (mar 31), but nothing offically has been said to me other than from the dialysis nurses. The pharmacists went over meds with me, but I don't think releasing him on the weekend with no notice is fair. I have to make sure that I have everything at home that I am gonna need for him. Rails, toilet seat, etc.
    Yes, it would be nice for him to be home, but there is so much to change.
    The foley cath came out yesterday too. He is now down to 211.1 lbs after dialysis. Yesterday, made 12 treatments.
    So I guess for those that have not started or are just starting dialysis, it takes a bit before you start to feel better.

    Thanks so much for thinking of us, I will keep you updated on any other news.


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      Re: Hubby woke up confused and needing to vent

      Hubby is home today. He is on dialysis 3x a week. So tomorrow we go again. He is feeling much better now, that he has had dialysis for about 3-4 weeks. His gout has cleared up which makes it much easier for him to get around, but still weak, due to the lack of use of the arms and legs for so long.
      First meal home and he didn't like it. Cinnamon Burnt Butter Pasta with Broiled Pork Chop. (Receipe from DaVita). Tastes great!!! No time today to soak potatoes for 4 hours (he doesn't like pasta or rice). But he did eat the pork loin, green beans and red peppers.
      We will see how he does sleeping in a normal bed with someone beside him.

      Thank you for all your kind thoughts and prayers. they sure have helped me during this trying time.