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  • Hello i'm new here

    I just want to introduce myself.

    I'm the caretaker for my Grandfather(85) and Grandmother(81)
    Grandpa is on stage 4 and the doctor recently suggested we start thinking about dialysis.
    I have 3 classes lined up, the first starting Oct 4 with 2 more in the following months.

    I think my biggest problem with him is going to be the diet restrictions and frankly I do not think he's going to go for any of it..

    He has other problems such as Cancer in the past, emphazema, and recently Congestive heart failure.

    I guess my question is.. If he is not going to follow though with the diet plan and most likely give me a hard time about even going to dialysis 3 times a week once it's all started..

    Is there any point in him even going in the first place..

    I should add he fell last year and broke his shoulder baldy, lost use of his right arm and has pretty much given up..

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    Re: Hello i'm new here

    Hello Grandson,

    Welcome! I think that visiting with a renal dietitian would be in order to receive the proper diet for him, and if your grandfather has given up, if you feel he is depressed then his doctors might be able to provide him with a prescription for an antidepressant that might help him to mentally feel better.

    A renal diet is really not bad but make take a little time to adjust to if your grandfather is used to a lot of salt, prepackaged foods, etc.

    It is hard to advise you on whether your grandfather should begin dialysis or not. I think that would best be decided by him, his wife and family members.

    I wish you, your grandfather and family the best. Please feel free to post any additional questions or concerns, we are always here to try and be supportive.
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      Re: Hello i'm new here

      Dear GS, welcome and I remember my mental state when posting my first hundred or so questions. Of course I had it better I was the Gramps and not the Gson. So I had to figure out what to do.
      He has made it 80 years so he is strong and tough, at lest more than a lot so don't give up on him yet. Walk with him for the first 6 months or so, don't lead unless you have to. Ask his opinion about every rule, order, etc that you are going to put forth before it becomes a matter of your law!
      Watch out for depression and get that treated if it shows up. Its quite common.
      Help him to understand that his general feeling of well being is going to be directly impacted by the things he does to help, not what the dialysis does. Dialysis will keep you alive. It will not in and of itself make you feel much better. that is all up to you.
      So good luck, God bless and you are about to learn about a new normal life.
      May God have mercy on us all


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