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  • Caregiver in need of lots of help

    Hello, I am a caregiver to my 74 year old father and I am in need of lots of help. I would appreciate any assistance that the members of this site can offer to me.
    My dad is a diabetic who also has high blood pressure, high cholesterol, anemia, and possibly siactica problems in his leg. He refuses to do any excercise (watches tv mostly) and was in the hospital about 3 months ago for heart failure and fluid in his lungs, possibly due to bad heart valves. It was there that we learned he also had a heart attack 2-3 years ago, has rough spots on his liver, and
    kidneys. He is currently taking medications that include Furosemide (40 mg 2x/day), Glybride (1.25 mg 1x/day), Ferrous Sulfate (325 mg 3x/day, which constipates him), Metroprolo Tartrate (50 mg 2x/day), Claroxan (1x/day), Asperin (81 mg 1x/day), Warfarin (2.5 mg 1x/day for 2 days then 5 mg 1x/day for the third day, repeat), Simvastatin (40 mg 1x/day), and Plavix (75 mg 1x/day). He is also on diets for his diabeties (1800 calorie 14 carbohydrate serving units /day), Cholesterol (low fat everything), Blood Pressure (low salt everything), and now for his kidneys (Sodium, Potassium, & Phosphorus 2000 mg, protein 60,000 mg, and fluid 6 cups restrictions). According to the hospital this was due to his BUN (46), Creatinine (2.3), and Phosphorus (4.8) levels.
    As you can imagine @ 74 years of age he is quite set in his ways and tends to be stubborn about being told what to do. Needless to say he relies on my mom (77 years old) and I to do his diet for him. I am going nuts trying to get him to stay within his restrictions for his diets, he is always way over, usually because he takes extra stuff from the fridge. Not to mention the fact that his Renal diet paperwork that the hospital gave to us is not making much sense, it seems to contradict basic nutritional rules, as well as itself from page to page.
    His doctors talk to me like I am either a 5 year old or a rocket scientist, and pretty much advoid giving me any real answers to my questions. Dad doesn't bother to ask any questions because he doesn't want to find out anything else may be wrong and because he
    doesn't want to be a burden on the busy doctors
    . His dietitian isn't much help either. He basically told us to feed him anything he wants as long as it is within the mg restrictions. And neighter the doctors nor the dietitian return any of our phone calls. I don't now where else to turn to for help and hope that perhaps someone here can be of assistance to us in helping to answer our questions.

    Do fruits like watermelon, berries, and grapes also count as fluids?
    Since condiments (mayo, ketchup, etc) are sort of liquidy do they count as fluids?
    Being on a low protein diet, should there be concern about muscular breakdown?
    Why can't have whole wheat/bran products? Oatmeal?
    Why can't have fresh fruit/vegies like pears/peaches, or broccoli, just canned/frozen?
    Why can't have dry beans, fruit and nuts?
    What about Sweet potatoes/yams and Salmon?
    Can someone on Renal diet have natural cheeses or not and why?
    Would Gluten free products help my dad to stay within his protein levels?
    How can we increase his fiber intake without destroying his diets completely?
    How can we unconstipate him when he is taking so much Ferrous Sulfate and is still anemic?
    Can anyone reccommend any products that might help us to keep him within his limitations?

    Thank you in advance for any and all assistance that can be offered.
    Father's Caregiver