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Me and my fistula :)

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  • Me and my fistula :)

    Hi everyone, I have been using my fistula (left arm) for a few weeks and I have some questions. I am hoping some one here can help me.

    - Can I drive long distances (2 hours)? I have had different answers from different doctors.
    - Will it always hurt this badly?
    - Is it true I can never wear a watch, bracelets or rings?
    - What can I do to prevent getting those big lumps in my arm?
    - Any ideas on covering up the ¨marks¨ in my arm?? Sorry, I am young and I worry...

    Thank you!!!

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    - you can drive long distance, you are exerting effort to your arms that cause constriction of your veins. always think that there should be a good flow to your circulation

    - there is an ointment/spray to lessen the pain during cannulation of your fistula.

    - dont wear anything that will prevent the good flow of your circulation.

    - ask the one will cannulate to resite the cannulation.

    - marks will always be there, just use clothing that will cover it.

    take care