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Help caring for someone with stage 4CKD

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  • Help caring for someone with stage 4CKD

    I am new here, My first post actually. I am caring for my 30 year old husband who is in stage 4 CKD with a GFR of 22%. Some background information on him is that he only has one kidney because of a Wilms Tumor at age 9 months that required his right kidney to be removed and cancer treatments. He just recently hit stage 4 and for some reason his kidney is failing quickly. We are both having a difficult time emotionally with this and I am wondering what you have done to help your family member or friend to cope with this disease and preparing for a transplant/dialysis. I'd like to know if you are dealing with CKD what the most helpful thing someone told you or did for you that made a difference in how your thought about CKD or helped you fight through it. We are Christians so bible verses are welcome
    Thanks in advance

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    Hi, I am caring for my Dad who also has stage 4 CKD. We are in the middle of testing for a transplant. It is emotionally difficult but I do pray throughout the day. What I'm doing is managing his food intake because you can slow down the disease by having him eat the correct foods. Unfortunately, the doctor did not tell me this but I found that out through my research. I have managed to put together meals that he enjoys. I wish you and your husband well in your journey. Do not give up and keep believing in miracles.


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      Thank you! I have been printing recipies daily for him, we are enjoying this new cooking together. However, we found yesterday he is now 16%. I do not understand why his doctor still refuses to give us a referral to the transplant center. We are seeing another doctor Wednesday and are praying we get different news regarding that.


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        Hello Kmendenhall. I am so sorry you are going through all of this! CKD is a scary thing to get. Did you know that there are all kids of recipes on this page up above that you can follow? They are delicious; it's the only thing I eat now is choices from the recipes. I have my faith In God to help me through this and I pray a great deal during the day. Matter-of-fact I think I almost have a running conversation with Him all day. I am in stage 4 but not on dialysis yet. My GFR is 25. I'm hoping it stays that way for a long long time, but if I need dialysis, so be it. I'm ready for it. Mr. nephrologist hasn't even mentioned a transplant to me because there are too many other things wrong with me. That's fine with me, let the healthier ones like your husband have the good kidneys. I will pray that you get some answers when you see your new doctor, and please keep us posted on how you are doing.