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  • Saddened by Clinic

    Please forgive me. I realize that everyone has their own struggles. Everyone is trying their best; I do not like being critical. Unfortunately, I reached a breaking point today and I feel the need to express a viewpoint of someone caring for an elderly dialysis patient... or the more correct term "client."

    This is a rural community and a very small clinic. It is only local clinic and home hemodialysis is not an option in this situation. Peritoneal dialysis is not an option. I am very disheartened about the tone of letters/memos that the clinic has given the patients/clients over the past year or so.

    One newsletter began on one benign topic and then addressed how everyone needs to maintain proper hygiene. It included an attachment on proper personal hygiene with detailed instructions on how to properly clean the private areas. It is true this was given to all the patients so no one was singled out. Nevertheless, a letter that essentially treated the patient as if he/she is an kindergartener who is not bathing properly leaves a person feeling humiliated... even when it does not apply to that given patient.

    The above-mentioned newsletter and subsequent letters/memos addressing various topics were difficult for me to read. The fact that the clinic needs to address matters is completely understood. It is the seeming lack of understanding over how it comes across to the "client" that I find difficult. Nevertheless, since it is not done with malice, I tried to remain silent.

    After the most recent letter's content, I feel the need to break my silence. The content of the newsletter addressed scheduled times, how/when to come, what are considered legitimate reasons to change appointment times, consequences of non-compliance, etc. However, the way this was addressed seemed more appropriate for clients of a spa or a hair salon. While I am sure there are "abuses" that need to corrected, these are sick patients. In this particular small community, many are elderly. I cannot imagine a cancer center sending the same type of letter to patients receiving chemotherapy.

    Again, please forgive me because I am sure the clinic is trying its best to meet the needs of all of their clients. I just simply pray that when issues need to be addressed, some consideration could be given to the fact that these are people whose health is not 100%, even when they try to put on a brave face.

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    Hi, thank you for your post. I understand that these topics are sensitive and every patient deserves excellent care. If you have concerns about a DaVita center, a great resource is the DaVita Guest Services team. You can reach them by phone at 1-800-400-8331 or by email at I hope this helps!



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      Hello 123. Sorry to hear your having a problem. Taking care of a dialysis person is difficult, let me put that different, the diet restriction, the time spent to
      ​get to dialysis, the 3 to 4 hours to wait for the treatment, then holding the arm for it doesn't bleed....then there is equipment problems, and the weather
      ​to drive in....and being in a rural area, a wide assortment of different foods is difficult, and if you have any medical problems, you have to travel. Then
      the person is tired after the not easy for the patient nor caregiver in a rural area.
      ​But, I found, the small dialysis unit, it was more like "family"....everyone knew everyone's first name, and the patients got to know their fellow dialysis
      ​This sounds more perhaps like the corp hq put something together. If there were issues, they could be addressed at the monthly patient/doctor session.

      ​maybe just take it in stride........if your doing a good job, great, you don't need the handout.....take yours, throw it in the trash, knowing, none applies to
      ​you. Kidney disease impacts many different kinds of people, and they are trying to appeal to everyone, so don't take it personal.